Our 2014 Bass Fishing Tournament Goals…

So I was cruising some blogs last night and most of the recent posts were about 2014 goals. Coincidentally, my wife is trying to set her smart goals for the company. I was trying to figure out what our blog’s next post would be about, and figured, ‘why buck the trend’… Here we are. Yet another ‘New Year’s Goals’ post.

Without further ado, here’s the 2014 goals for the Cartwright Realty Fishing Team:

  1. WIN… With two 4th place finishes under our belts on the last two club tournaments of last year, I don’t think a first place finish or two would be an unreasonable goal for 2014.
  2. Weigh in a 10+ pound bass during a tournament…
  3. Weigh in a bag over 20lbs
  4. Finish within the top 15 of our club’s Team Angler of the Year race – E.g. we were #25 out of 46 teams last year

Stretch goal: Top 3 or better finish in a Florida BASS Nation Tournament as a boater.

I have caught more than my fair share of 10 pounders, but have yet to do so when money is on the line – E.g. during a tournament! Accomplishing this would likely lead us to achieving goal number 1 as well.

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