Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jig

These Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jigs are Great!

I’ve tried the Hack Attack jig, Tour Grade and regular versions of the Strike King swimming jigs with great success. The Smokey Shad and Bluegill colors have performed best for us down here in Tampa, FL ponds and lakes. I’ve typically used the 3/8oz weight jigs, as that’s what is normally carried by our local brick and mortar retailers. I also add Reaction Innovations’ Kinky Beaver in ‘Sprayed Grass’ color as trailers for the jigs. I’ve tried other soft plastics as trailers, but the Kinky Beavers have produced best for us with this particular jig. I have fished them in stained, to heavily stained waters lately…

SK Swim Jig & Kinky Beaver Trailer

SK Swim Jig & Kinky Beaver Trailer


These jigs seem to work best us when the bass are just before spawning (I.e. Pre-spawn / staging for spawn) and/or moving onto their spawning beds (Early Spawn). They do work at other times of the year, but we’ve found them to be especially effective in the early stages of a spawning period (Florida bass).


They really seem to catch the bigger fish and pair up well with Reaction Innovations Kinky Beavers for trailers. I have caught many 3~6 pound fish, all the way up to a nine pounder on bluegill and sprayed grass Kinky Beaver trailers. It has been a great jig for us, and before using this jig, I rarely fished jigs in general. I now find myself with around 10 variations / back-ups of the SK swim jigs now in my kit, mostly in the 3/8oz Bluegill and Smokey Shad colors!


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