Results of Our 2nd Bay Area Bassmasters Tournament of 2014

Cold & Wet…

Our second tournament of this year was a bit of a downer all the way around. It was a tough day that started out in the high 40s to low 50s with misting rain that progressed into a continuous downpour with little improvement in the temps – I think it might have gotten up to the high 50s.

This crappy weather didn’t stop some of our club members from finding decent fish, as you’ll see by clicking through to the results – results link. It did encourage us limit our fishing, as we retreated to the truck for an hour or so to try and warm up/dry out – we were miserably wet and cold. Brian caught a quality fish (~2.5lbs) towards the end of the day that earned us some valuable points. We are in 18th position for the season (Team Angler of the Year Points for 2014) after this second tournament. This is much better than I expected, given how poorly the Rodman tournament went for us.

The Value of Having the Right Equipment

The conditions of this tournament underscored the value of good equipment, specifically, rain gear. Some of the guys were rockin’ the Bass Pro Shops 100MPH Goretex Rain Suits, and most of those guys brought a nice limit up to the weigh-in scales. That fact wasn’t lost on Brian and I – we didn’t think that it was merely a coincidence. These guys were comfortable out in the conditions, and as a result, they were able to get to their spots and fish. We, were so wet and cold that we chose to go back to the truck in an effort to dry out a bit and warm up. We were dreading getting the boat up on plane to travel to other spots, therefore we did as little of that as possible. All of that ‘discomfort’ really cost us.

I will be investing in a BPS suit as soon as funds and priorities allow, but I’m trying to make it a point to never fish in poor conditions again without the right gear on. It is miserable and greatly increases the likelihood of a poor tournament result.

These conditions also highlighted the fact that my beloved 18-20 year old Timberland GoreTex Chukka boots may have finally worn out. I had traveled the world in these boots. They were awesome boots that always kept my feet dry and warm, especially during the winter months in Finland.

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