Storm Arashi Silent Square Bill Crank

I’ve been preparing my gear for a Florida BASS Nation tournament this weekend on Lake Kissimmee. So I was at my local Dick’s Sporting goods to pick up some more Power Pro Slick 8 braid in 50lb test (Another good product).  Of course the tackle monkey from his permanent perch on my shoulder directed me to cruise through all the aisles on my way to the aisle where they keep the braid and mono. I noticed that they actually had a few of the new Arashi cranks in stock. I had read very positive reviews about these new Arashi crank baits, all of which praised the new self tuning line tie design. I figured I’d pick up a couple to see what all the fuss was about.

I tied one on yesterday evening and fished it in the small pond behind my house. The self tuning line tie system works great! You can burn these cranks as fast as you are able to, for as long as you want without the crank ‘spinning-out’ on you. It runs true every time, right out of the box. It also comes through cover and deflects well like a good square bill shallow crank should. Awesome!

I only caught a dink from the pond behind my house that evening, so today I decided to visit another pond in our development after work that usually has larger fish. I’m happy to report that these things CATCH FISH! Solid, ‘keeper’ fish…




I caught these three in 5 casts from the bank.

This little dude kept trying to get the fish as I pulled them onto the shore.


Here’s a fuzzy shot of the bait for you (3′ Silent Square Bill Crank in the Wakasagi color).


Helpful Information / Links:

Wired2Fish’s review of the lure

You may buy one here (Tackle Warehouse) or here (Bass Pro Shops)

Corporate Webpage for the Product (Rapala/Storm)


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