Looking Back on 2014 and Ahead to 2015

Hmmmm… Looking back at this blog it becomes obvious that I really slacked off on my writing efforts in the latter part of this year. Sorry about that. I’m going to do better this year. I’ll add this to my 2015 goals.

Here’s what the 2014 goals were and how we fared:

  1. WIN… With two 4th place finishes under our belts on the last two club tournaments of last year, I don’t think a first place finish or two would be an unreasonable goal for 2014.
    1. Our highest 2014 finishes were 6th, 8th, and 11th… 
  2. Weigh in a 10+ pound bass during a tournament…
    1. Our best 2014 fish was 6.22 pounds…
  3. Weigh in a bag over 20lbs
    1. We didn’t even come close to this last year as our best 2014 bag was just shy of 13lbs
      1. Our best bag in 2013 was 15lbs by comparison
  4. Finish within the top 15 of our club’s Team Angler of the Year race – E.g. we were #25 out of 46 teams last year
    1. Success! We finished in 11th place this year

Stretch goal: Top 3 or better finish in a Florida BASS Nation Tournament as a boater.

Looking back through our team’s results in 2014, it is obvious that we need to bring 5 fish to each and every weigh in. We did manage to catch the most weight with the fewest fish in 2014, but we would have likely broken the top 10 had we brought in 5 fish in just a few more tournaments. Here’s a link to the 2014 TAOY results if you are interested: http://www.bayareabassmasters.com/images/2014/2014_TAOY.pdf

We also had a few abysmal results due to inclement weather conditions – Rodman for example. The Rodman tournament started out cold, and it rapidly worsened – turning into cold and extremely wet. The rain started falling about 5 minutes after launch, and it never let up. We were prepared for the cold, but we were woefully unprepared for the cold + soaked to the bone. Our team, as well as several others spent hours – during the actual tournament – in our trucks with the heaters blasting on high trying to warm up and dry out a bit. We were also waiting for the rain to pass through, but it never let up. At weigh in, the teams that finished in the top 5 all had superior rain gear on, mostly BPS 100MPH bibs and parkas (Full suits). Brian and I vowed to obtain these suits for ourselves after the finish of that tournament, and we did, as both of us got full suits from Santa Claus!

Look what Santa brought me!

Look what Santa brought me!

Many of our 2014 goals were pretty aggressive. Our 2015 goals will be slightly less aggressive. Enough of the ‘2014 excuses’ already… Let’s establish our 2015 goals and move on, shall we!

Here’s the 2015 goals for the Cartwright Realty Fishing Team:

  1. Secure 3 top 5 finishes in our club tournaments (Bay Area Bassmasters)
  2. Weigh in a 8+ pound bass during a tournament…
  3. Weigh in a bag over 20lbs
  4. Finish within the top 10 of our club’s Team Angler of the Year race – E.g. we were #11 out of 38 teams last year
  5. Post to this blog at least once a month

Stretch goal: Qualify for and compete in the Florida Bass Nation State Championship.

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