Learning Some New Spots on the Lake Harris Chain with Frank

Back-story: Tiia has a listing client named Frank. Frank came to be our client through one of the guys I met fishing tournaments. Frank generously offered to show me his spots on the central Florida lakes before he moves out of the state. Tiia just put his listing ‘under contract’, so Frank’s Florida days are numbered at this point.

I jumped at the chance to get some more local spot knowledge on the central Florida lakes we usually fish. Frank and I went to Lake Kissimmee last weekend, where he showed me a bunch of spots that I’d never fished before. We didn’t really catch much, but we spent more time running to different spots than actually fishing.

This weekend we went to Lake Harris, and Frank showed me a bunch more spots that Brian and I have never fished before.

The fishing was tough both weekends as numerous fronts have pushed through Florida over the past few weeks. The bass in my local ponds have been wanting to beds, but keep getting disturbed by the aforementioned weather fronts. Some have spawned as evidenced by small clouds of fry, but it would seem that most were unable to. Talking to some of the local anglers out on Lake Harris yesterday, it seemed as though it was the same situation there. A few beds had been seen by the anglers we spoke to, but the fish weren’t on the beds long enough to really complete their spawn.

After checking out some new spots and not having much of anything in the way of actual bites from fish, we locked through to Lake Griffin where we fished one of my usual haunts. It was actually a new area for Frank – one that he had never really fished before. As soon as we got into the area, we started catching. Caught two right off the bat on swim baits. We spent the rest of the day in that area, and both of us caught 4-5 fish. The bite was still very slow, but at least we were catching some fish this outing.



It’s been fun fishing with Frank. I’ll be sad to see him move out of the area when he goes, but I’m glad to have had the opportunity to get to know him a little through fishing.


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