Caught a Decent Female Off Her Bed Today

 Bass Are Trying to Bed, But Weather Fronts Keep Interrupting…

The bass have been trying to spawn in recent weeks, but we keep getting almost daily weather fronts pushing through that force them off their beds. I’ve been waiting for the day when they’ll stay on a bed long enough for me to catch a big girl. Today was my lucky day!


This one is from a pond behind my house. Caught her on a Lime-Purple Passion Pit Boss rigged on a shaky head jig. I’ve not really thrown a Pit Boss on a shaky head before, and I definitely haven’t thrown this combo in my backyard pond before. Caught a smaller roaming male before spotting this fish on her bed. She had two males with her. Everytime she showed interest in the bait, one of the males would put himself between her and the bait – blocking me. It probably took me 20 casts to get her to bite. I was indeed showing the bass something they hadn’t seen before – per my previous post:

If you are in the central Florida area, now’s your chance to nab some big bedding fish!
Didn’t have a scale with me, but she was hefty with large shoulders.


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