Walk This Way – River2Sea Rover Review


Have you walked the dog lately? If not, why not?

I had been getting a few quality fish on a LiveTarget Field Mouse by walking it lately, but I’m not that great at getting that particular bait to walk properly. Don’t get me wrong, I can do it, but sometimes it is more of a hassle than it is worth. It may be the setup I’m using, but I’m not sure – it could just be me! So I got it in my head that I needed to tie on a proper walking bait to catch more of those quality fish whilst that pattern was holding up. Before I dug out my top-water boxes from the garage, I needed to make a run to my local brick & mortar tackle store.

So I’m at one of my local tackle shops (CC Marine), when the guy helping me mentions that him and a buddy have been throwing this bait lately, and they really like it. I had heard about it before. Scott Martin is usually talking the bait up from time to time, as well as other River2Sea pros. I was already onto a topwater walk-the-dog pattern, so I decided to see what the guy was raving about. I purchased one. I took it out that evening and caught a few decent fish with it in a handful of casts.

Some Observations

  • It’s lighter than it looks, but perfectly weighted.
  • Casts well and far, but not quite as far as a heftier walking bait such as a Rapala Skitter Walk.
  • If you can’t walk this thing, it’s probably something of your own doing or some fault with your setup – this is one of the easiest walking baits I’ve ever used
  • Fit and finish is really good, with super sticky sharp hooks – high quality

This is a great topwater walking bait! It will likely remain tied up on one of my topwater rods for the foreseeable future. I was throwing it on a Med Hvy Shimano Crucial Rod / Shimano Curado 201E7 with 15# Mono.


  • The gentleman at the store told me not to throw it with braid, as it made it foul up during casting more often in their experience. Fouling hasn’t been a problem for me yet on 15# Monofilament. 
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