2016… What a Train Wreck!

It hasn’t been a great year for me personally, nor ‘us’ as a team. As a result, I’ve done absolutely nothing with the blog…img_0764

The negative events of this year went something like this:

  1. Death of my Father
  2. Death of my Father-in-Law over seas
  3. Our near-death experience with an escaped Bull on a back country highway in the middle of the night
    1. Totaled the truck and boat, but we both walked away from it
  4. Death of my Uncle
  5. Got notified I’d be laid off at the end of the year
    1. Had two offers internally within a week, though.

The positives:

  1. People are awesome! Bay Area Bassmasters is chock full of said ‘awesome’ people!
    1. The guys in our club really overwhelmed us with kindness, loaning us boats and offering help so we could fish the rest of the season. Can’t thank them enough!
  2. We’re still alive, got a better boat, replaced the truck, got a better job.

All that said, you can’t replace family members, and we lost more than our share this year. It really hurt.

I’ll probably elaborate on these events in future posts. I have a lot of pics and things to post. I’m hoping I’ll be able to squeeze them in during the holiday season.

I’ll be captaining for some kids tournaments over the next few weekends on Lake Kissimmee in my new-to-me Bass Cat Puma. I’m looking forward to it.

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