Going Forward…

Ok, I’ve not been the most prolific of bloggers. I am ashamed. I’m going to try and do better for 2018.

Here’s my plan of attack. Shorter posts – I.e. just giving the readers a sense of what I’ve been up to, what gear I’m using, etc…

For example, I recently was able to get out to the Harris Chain of lakes to be a volunteer captain for our Tampa Bay Junior Bass Club again. We had a good time, despite the somewhat miserable weather conditions (A cold front was pushing through the region during the tournament). We felt the effects of theĀ same front that caused snow in spots along the Gulf Coast region.

I was fishing with Tyler and Jackson that day.


I didn’t really take many pictures as we were all just trying to stay warm and out of the wind – Sorry!

My guys were slightly underdressed for the damp and cold conditions – as were many that day. Other than them hopping around every once and a while to warm up a bit, they survived…

The bite was slow, but they were biting. It was a Senko bite where you needed to hop (Long and slow) the worm out of submerged grass (Milfoil). Tyler (Pictured at the bow of the BassCat) managed just shy of 9lbs that day. I’ve not seen the results yet, but I’m guessing he finished in the top three of his age group, if not 1st.

It was good to get out there with the boys. We all had a good time.

The only thing that was less than ideal was realizing my SUV’s tire was completely flat when I went to load the boat on the trailer…


Someone loaned me the emergency compressor, and I aired it up enough to get me to a station with a stronger compressor (Finally getting the tire(s) up to 45PSI).

In closing, don’t let this cold weather stop you from fishing this holiday season. I’ve caught some of my biggest bass ever during miserable weather conditions. Just dress appropriately (BPS 100mph Suits are the bee’s knees – worth it)!

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