Gear Reviews…

My gear reviews seem to generate the most traffic (Immediately and over the long term), yet I haven’t done many up to this point. That’s going to change a bit. The few that I’ve done in the past have been of medium to deeper dive variety. I’m going to focus on keeping them shorter, and more or less as recommendations (Must haves, solid bets, meh, didn’t work for me, avoid, etc…).

We’ll start off small in this post:

The Boomerang Tool Company’s Snip Line Cutter…



Verdict: “Must Have”

Why? Once you clip this thing to your body (I hook it to my belt loop), you are never hunting around for your pair of braid scissors or trying to cut braid with some ‘attachment’ on your needle nose pliers. It is always within short reach…

I find myself changing baits and retying more frequently during tournaments due to the convenience this tool provides.

They make a variety of these tools, models with longer blades, LEDs, etc…, but the basic tool is all most will need. Retails anywhere from $11-25 dollars, depending on which model you want. You really can’t go wrong with it, and it’ll make a great stocking stuffer for the fisherman in your life.

You may purchase one by following this link (

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