13 Fishing Defy Black Rod – DEFBC71M

13 Fishing Defy Rod_IMG_0496
I currently have the Defy 7’1″ Med Fast rod paired with a Curado 71HG baitcaster (TackleTour Preview). It is such a balanced light lure combo, and I’m usually flinging very light texas rigged craws/creature baits with it.
One of my favorite fishing combos has at its core an original 13 Fishing Omen Black 7’3″ Med Fast rod with a J-30T blank. This is a rod that I won in a raffle at a charity tournament I participated in years ago. Winning this rod was basically my first exposure to 13 Fishing products, and that rod quickly became one of my favorite rods – remaining so to this day.
Since then, 13 Fishing has become a sponsor of our club and the local kid’s club that our club and another club helped put together and run – Tampa Bay Junior Bass Club. I’m a volunteer captain for their tournaments when my tournament and personal schedule allows, and I have acquired various 13 Fishing rods (Muses / Omens) which led me to try this lower price point Defy series rod.  I have enjoyed all of their rods from the various lines…
I recently went to my local family owned bait shop, CC Marine, to pick up some light tungsten bullet weights (I was getting low) and saw that they now have a good selection of 13 Fishing Rods in the store. They had a Defy Black 7’1″ Medium Fast rod for $59.95 and it looked to be of good quality – which is sort of ludicrous at that price point. I have a spare Curado 71HG spooled up, ready to go and figured it would pair nicely with that rod since it is of similar spec as my favorite combo… I bought it, paired it up with my 71 that was spooled with light braid (30lb Slick 8 Power Pro) and then hit my neighborhood ponds.
I’m happy to report that the pairing is outstanding! My first impressions of the Defy Black rod is that they are likely an amazing value for their price point ($60-70 range). Back when the Omen Black line came out, I thought it was absolutely the best rod in the $100 price point, fishing better than rods that were $200~300. Assuming this Defy baitcasting rod holds up as well as my trusty original series Omen Black, the Defy series appears to be a high quality/value option bass anglers on any budget – much like the Omen Blacks were and are… 

I caught a bunch of 1~3lb bass with the combo, mostly throwing Jethro Baits 1/16th oz tungsten bullet weight (T-rig), a 4/0 Gamakatsu EWG hook (Snelled) baited with Yum Christy Craws (Watermelon Red & some Tomato Gold type color that I can no longer find anywhere). I also caught them on some Zoom Baby Brushhogs in the ‘Watermelon Slice’ color… All of these are great products, by the way! The Yum soft-plastic baits are an exceptional value at $2.99 a pack!

I can’t wait to use it in our Cartwright Realty sponsored Bay Area Bassmaster’s club tournament on Lake Kissimmee this Saturday. We’ll be launching out of Camp Mack, which might involve some drama as they seem to be experiencing some growing pains associated with improving their facilities and expanding their client base. That’s a different story for another time. 

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