About Brian Tutich

My name is Brian Tutich and I am currently living in Tampa, Florida with my wife, our son and two dogs.  Besides being an angler, I’m also a SQL Server DBA, homebrewer and BBQ enthusiast.  Best of all I’m a new dad!!!  The most amazing experience of my life is the birth our son on October 15th 2013!

Our family moved from Seattle, WA to Tallahassee, FL when I was 10.  Prior to that we lived in Oregon and Northern California.  I spent part of my early childhood in Weed, California in a townhouse on the beautiful Lake Shastina.  The backdrop was Mt. Shasta – a massive 14,179 ft tall mountain with twin peaks.  Some of my first memories are spending time fishing with my grandfather.

My father’s dad “Papa Joe”, or as we called him Dado, was an avid fisherman.  I learned a lot at a very young age during our many fishing trips together.


He did a lot of bass fishing, but that’s not what I remember the most.  I recall fishing for rainbow trout and catfish mostly.  Fish that we would bring back and freeze in paper milk cartons full of water until there was enough for a fish fry.  He had a great technique for pulling the skin off of catfish by using a nail attached to a board and pliers (well before it was common).  My grandparents ran a marina on Lake Shastina and Dado always had an outboard he was working on or reels he was cleaning.

My grandfather on my mothers side was a fisherman as well.  He migrated the entire family from the Ukraine to a small town in N. Carolina named Kinston.  Whenever we visited my grandparents I hoped that Grandpa would take me fishing.  We would fish for pan fish and river trout using crickets.

These experiences laid the foundation for a love of fishing that I still carry with me today.

I have fished on and off since then.  My mom used to take me to some of the many lakes around North Florida. Most of the time I was fishing off the banks or from a pier.  I didn’t get to fish much during college, aside from a Tarpon fishing trip with my friends out of Boca Grande.  We didn’t hook a 200lb Tarpon that trip but still had a blast.  It wasn’t until moving to Tampa and meeting Shawn that I realized that I needed to make time to start fishing regularly again.  I want to take this opportunity to thank Shawn for reigniting my passion for this great pastime.  I’m really looking forward to spending time fishing with my son!

In the meantime… I’m still searching for a Dottie of my own!

Brian Backyard

(I caught this fish on my birthday while waiting to go out to dinner.  She was in the pond in our back yard!)


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