About Shawn Cartwright


My name is Shawn Cartwright. I’m just a lucky guy of wide ranging and varied interests that has fished in some form or fashion since I was a wee lad. Dad took me fishing a couple of times as a kid, and I’ve been fishing ever since, taking brief hiatuses every now and then throughout the years as required by other responsibilities in life…

I grew up in Louisiana and Mississippi. After meeting my future wife – she was an exchange student from Finland, I lived in Finland for a few months at a time prior to enrolling with her at LSU. I studied Physics & Astronomy while I was there, but didn’t finish my degree – this is still an outstanding goal of mine that I will resume at some later time, probably after I retire.

Anyways, I mentioned that I’m a lucky dude – I married the love of my life, Tiia Cartwright! It was true love in the classic sense – I.e. I just knew that if I didn’t pursue her, it would be one of my life’s biggest regrets (I was pretty shy when I first laid eyes upon her)!

I’m also a former Marine (Field Artillery and Forward Observer), and I used to ride motorcycles around race tracks with many of the members of this club, The Floribama Riders. My wife and I started a business in Tampa, Florida – Cartwright Realty. My wife is the broker and runs the business. The business sponsors this fishing team.

Additionally, my wife and I are suckers for animals in need. We currently live with 2 dogs and 4 cats.

So that’s a brief bit about myself for you guys. It barely scratches the surface, but should give you some glimpse into my background. 

Best Regards,

Shawn Cartwright



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