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Catching Up!

I’ve slacked off considerably on the blog entries, folks. My apologies! This is unfortunate because I was off to a flying start at the beginning of the year. Oh well, I’m here now… #bayareabassmasters tournament trail status – we’ve had … Continue reading

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Caught a Decent Female Off Her Bed Today

 Bass Are Trying to Bed, But Weather Fronts Keep Interrupting… The bass have been trying to spawn in recent weeks, but we keep getting almost daily weather fronts pushing through that force them off their beds. I’ve been waiting for the … Continue reading

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Try Throwing Bass Something They Haven’t Seen Before

There are a few well known fishing axioms when it comes to bass. I’m going to discuss one of them that was recently explored by a study and proven to hold water. It is simply this: Bass learn to avoid certain … Continue reading

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We’re Fishing the Oakley Big Bass Tournament in February – Lake Harris Chain

Brian and I will be heading out to fish the Oakley Big Bass Tour stop on Lake Harris chain at the end of next month (February 28 & March 1st). We are fishing both days of the event, Saturday and … Continue reading

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Lake Pierce (Mystery Lake) Tournament Results

Tournament Results This tournament was our club’s ‘Mystery Lake’ – which means that we don’t learn which lake it will be until the meeting a few days prior. No club members are allowed to pre-fish the lake prior to the … Continue reading

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Storm Arashi Silent Square Bill Crank

I’ve been preparing my gear for a Florida BASS Nation tournament this weekend on Lake Kissimmee. So I was at my local Dick’s Sporting goods to pick up some more Power Pro Slick 8 braid in 50lb test (Another good product). … Continue reading

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Video of the Big Kissimmee Bass

Here’s that video of the big Lake Kissimmee Bass that I alluded to in the “Fun Fishing on Lake Kissimmee with my Friend, Dave” post. I finally got it uploaded to YouTube. Hope you enjoy! -Shawn

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